Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Terry Buege. I do a variety of custom mechanical work on all Jeeps and 4×4’s through current models and you are now exploring my new website. I have nearly 40 years of mechanical experience. Most of that experience has been in commercial technical capacities which involved mechanical, electronic and hydraulic systems. In addition, a significant portion of my experience was spent in design, training and coordination of complex projects. Many of my own personal interests and much of my experience are directly related to my professional career working with classic jeeps such as Willys / AMC CJ’s, Willys truck and wagons, FC series, military (M) series, Jeepster / Commando, J series trucks, YJ and TJ Wranglers. Several years ago, I took the chance to pursue my passion for Jeeps and other 4X4 vehicles professionally, integrating that passion with my lifestyle. My wife Julie and I love the outdoors, off-roading, camping, hiking, biking, canoeing and other related activities, and I’d love to be able to help you in pursuit of your interests and passions also.

I will perform work on all models such as suspension systems, drive-train upgrades, bumpers, winches, exhaust and other accessories in addition to regular service and repair. I also perform mechanical restoration on any classic Jeep and other 4×4 vehicles. I maintain regular contact with the vehicle owner on all aspects of the restoration and also provide continual updates with photos and description of service. I use reputable contractors to provide services, such as interior and exterior finish work and other specialized trades as necessary. I can provide genuine OEM parts at competitive prices. I am a distributor for major aftermarket vendors in addition to many other sources of quality parts.


$60 / HR
  • Pricing doesn’t include supplies or consumables.
  • Competitive pricing on repair parts, shipping (if necessary) and sales tax if applicable.
  • Payment for regular projects and service with an estimated cost of about $1000 or less is due in full on delivery.


  • Competitive pricing on repair parts, shipping (if necessary) and sales tax if applicable.
  • Costly projects require a negotiable down payment
  • A payment plan will be implemented as the project progresses. Payment plan will reflect the size and cost of the project.